28 Oct

Jazz Bud is Canada’s choice for online marijuana dispensary



Think Craft Beer vs. Corporate Big Brewery.

In Canada there are 2 major supply chains of medical marijuana. There are a handful of giant producers whose business it is, is to supply the federally registered medical marijuana patients across Canada. Their marijuana is mass-produced to achieved the largest yield at the lowest cost. If you were to think of this in terms of the beer business. These large producers have a lot in common with the Corporate Big Brewery.

Craftgrown Marijuana

The second supply chain is the craftgrown approach.These smaller, meticulously run operations specialize in growing not the most bud, but the best strain of each bud! .

Our Jazz Bud Budmaster and his team of expert cultivators have been on the forefront of medical marijuana growing techniques and cloning advances since the early 2000’s. He and his team personally oversee the entire process each and every step of the way.

Every Jazz Bud strain and product is grown and produced in a separate growing facility each dedicated to the growing of that specific strain. All of our facilities meet or beat the industries Gold Standard for quality and security in the field of medical marijuana.