30 Aug

Trucking Industry Promo

custom truck power bank

create a custom power bank battery charger for your portable promotional campaign.

How do you charge a promotional power bank?

A Power Bank for marketing you can charge by connecting it to a power outlet. Most Power Banks use USB powered. This means that a power bank, like a smartphone, iPad or GPS system is charging by connecting it to a USB charger for marketing and ad specialty (which comes standard with most smartphones and tablets) or those with an often USB cable to connect to a computer. Power Banks, suitable for charging laptops are often charged by a supplied adapter. Promotional Solar Power Banks are in addition to the standard method of charging (USB or adapter) also charged by a solar panel that is part of the Power Bank.

What is a Power Bank used for marketing?

A Power Bank is a mobile charger can be charged in advance for later phones, tablets or laptops to recharge. A Power Bank is a handy gadget that you can charge your electric devices without a power socket. This is useful if you’re on the road for example.


What can you recharge with a power bank? And how do you charge anything?

What you charge is used depends on the type of marketing and promotional power bank with a power bank. So we distinguish Laptop Power Banks and USB Power Banks.
USB Power Bank

With a USB Promo Power Bank you can charge all products which are recharged through a USB connection. Connect the cable for charging your smartphone or tablet to the power bank and he usually starts automatically recharge. In another Power Banks you have to press a button and charging starts. Before you can charge with a Power Bank, Power Bank must first have been charged anything. Most Power Banks have convenient LED lights that indicate whether and how far it is charged.

For most Banks Power cables and connectors are supplied with which you can charge the Power Bank and most smartphones, tablets, cameras and game consoles can recharge.

Laptop Power Bank

Laptop Power Bank is charging through it (often with included adapter) to connect to the mains. With the included adapter and connecting pieces is virtually connect any laptop. Look in the product description or a Laptop Power Bank is also suitable for your laptop.


How does a power bank?
In a Power Bank are one or more lithium-ion cells. This lithium-ion cells function much the same as normal rechargeable batteries and charging through a USB connection or through a mostly supplied adapter / cable.

How long does a Power Bank with?

How long a Power Bank anything can charge depends on the ability of the Power Bank. The output specified in mAh indicates how powerful a power bank. The greater the power, the longer the Power Bank is able to charge something. Or a power bank a phone, tablet or laptop partially, completely or multiple times can charge, is also dependent on the ability of the device you are trying to charge. For example, a digital camera has a limited capacity, a phone in a somewhat larger capacity and tablets and laptops have very much power. To answer the question of how long a power bank will last and how often you can charge your phone or tablet, you should know how powerful the battery in your gadget. Roughly you can share the power of the power bank by the ability of your gadget. The result is the absolute maximum number of times you can charge a product. Because the Power Bank needs energy to charge something and lose over time energy is the real power is often lower.

For example, a Power Bank 5600 mAh, any modern smartphone at least twice and up to four times to recharge.

How long does it take to recharge a power bank?

How long it takes to recharge a power bank depends on the capacity of the Power Bank. So it takes longer to charge a power bank which has a great ability as a power bank with a limited capacity can be quickly recharged. Many Power Banks have handy LED light that indicates when the power bank is full. However, it is wise to let the Power Bank a few hours in the charger when the LED light indicates that it is full. Stronger Power Banks can allow for the first time the best overnight in the charger, so you’re sure it is fully charged.

good Power Bank can hold charge for 3 to 6 months with minimal loss. Lower quality Power Banks may struggle to retain a useful charge more than 4 to 6 weeks. In this regard, you get what you pay for, and if you need a long-term emergency power supply consider increasing your budget to ensure you’re not going to be caught short. Most Power Banks will slowly lose charge over time, to a degree influenced by the environment and their treatment. For example, leaving a Power Bank in the car where the temperature can fluctuate greatly over time can shorten its lifespan.

  • Technical Term Glossary

What does mAh mean?
Batteries common to mobile devices and Power Banks are rated on their ampere-hours, measured in milliamps to create non-decimal numbers. The mAh ratings denote capacity for power flow over time.
Li-Ion & Li-Polymer
Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are the most common rechargeable cell types found in Power Banks. Lithium-Ion cells are generally cheaper and limited in mAh capacity, while Lithium-Polymer cells can be larger and don’t suffer from a memory effect over time.