06 Oct

Do you know what a Power bank is? Here’s what you need to know to sell it.

power banks are a great promotional product

power banks are a great promotional product

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What is a Power Bank and what can they charge?

How Power Banks Work DiagramLet’s face it. As marketers we sell these things but do we really know what they are and how they work?

Portable Power Banks are comprised of a special battery in a special case with a special circuit to control power flow. They allow you to store electrical energy (deposit it in the bank) and then later use it to charge up a mobile device (withdraw it from the bank). Power Banks have become increasingly popular as the battery life of our beloved phones, tablets and portable media players is outstripped by the amount of time we spend using them each day. By keeping a battery backup close by, you can top-up your device(s) while far from a wall outlet.

The Power Banks we’re talking about are good for almost any USB-charged devices. Cameras, GoPros, Portable speakers, GPS systems, MP3 players, smartphones and even some tablets can be charged from a Power Bank – practically anything that charges from USB at home can be charged from a Power Bank – you just have to remember to keep your Power Bank charged, too!

Power Banks may also be known as Power Stations or Battery Banks, too.

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